Supported Requisition Types

The application supports the following requisition types:
  • Staffing-Recruited - Requisitions are forwarded to suppliers to identify a temporary worker for a client organization's staffing need(s). The client engages the worker for a temporary staffing assignment.
  • Staffing-Referred - Requisitions are used to engage a worker that has been referred by a client manager for a temporary staffing assignment. Generally, these are workers who are sourced directly by the client manager and payrolled by Magnit, where Magnit is the employer of record.
  • Project Requisitions - Created when a client organization has a project assignment with a defined scope of work, and needs an independent contractor/business entity to complete a specific deliverable.
  • Managed Services - Requisitions used for headcount tracking when the client organization wants to have visibility into the resource, but manages the contract and downstream financials outside of the application.
  • Biz Val (Business Validation) - Requisitions used for the vetting of independent contractors to validate compliance and safe engagement.