Supplier Onboarding

Your supplier organization can complete the onboarding process with the MSP organization using the Magnit VMS Onboarding module. The module allows you to interact with assigned documents that are required before you can begin submitting candidates or proposals for a client organization.

The Onboarding module walks you through all of the documents that the MSP organization and client organization require. When you log into your account (new or existing organizations), if you have documents pending, the onboarding pages prompt you to complete actions. If you have numerous client organizations that you are onboarding for, you select the client to access those documents. If you have accessed the VMS prior to the onboarding process, you can use settings on the onboarding pages to skip to your account, complete the onboarding documents at a later time, and continue reviewing requests for your existing accounts. If you are a new supplier in the VMS, you must complete onboarding before you are granted access.

For more information about the workflow, see Onboarding Workflow.

You are presented with two types of documents, required and optional. Required documents can be documents that are requested by the client organization (RFI content, proof of insurance, certifications, and so on). These documents are uploaded directly to the web application, and are visible to the MSP organization. Some required documents must be downloaded, filled out, and uploaded. Other required documentation is downloaded, and you must acknowledge that you received it. Optional documents are made available for you to download from the onboarding module document summary page.

Once the onboarding is complete for a client organization, you can click , and access your application Home page.