The Profile page displays all relevant profile information for your supplier/vendor organization, including company graphics (icon), your company tag line, and links or files to your company's portfolio. Your profile information is available for viewing by the MSP. This information can help a service provider determine if your organization is suitable based on your information and portfolio.

You can configure company branding (Tag Line and Profile Picture) on the Profile page. The tag line is text entry only, and the profile picture can be any picture file. Navigate to Home > Profile, and click to modify the page.
Note: You need permission on your user account to modify this page.

In addition to profile information, you can add skills that highlight any specialties that your supplier/vendor organization has. These skills are used by service providers when searching for vendors to fill a staffing or project request. Skills are added as text to the profile. You can add as many skills to a profile as needed. To add a skill, edit the page, and click , and enter the skill text in the text field. Click for every new skill to add.

You can also add links to a portfolio, and add example files of work done by your organization. Enter the link information (text), and click . The link appears in the field below the input field. To add files, first click , and then enter the path to the file. You can also click Browse, and use your file explorer to locate the file on your local machine. After entering path or file location, click . After configuring all of your information, click .