Billing Page

Worker's billing items can be reviewed on the Billing page. You can view all items, use the search to locate a particular billing item to review, or add a billing item for a worker.

Use the tabs at the top of the page to select the action to take. You can take the following actions:
  • Search - use the search functionality to locate billing items. You can use parameters to filter your search. For more information about using the search, see Searching Through Requisitions.
  • List All - Displays a complete of billing items in all statuses. This view cannot be filtered.

    Click the information icon to expand the line for more detail.

    You can also click the line item number (blue text) in the Line# column to view the billing item in more detail. For more information about billing line detail, see Billing Item Detail.

  • Add New - Create a billing item for a worker or project. For more information about this task, see New Billing for Worker.
  • Export Billing - Export billing items as a data package that can be compiled into a report. For more information about reporting, see Reporting.
  • Confirm Expenses - Confirm expenses for engagements. For more information about this task, see Confirm Expenses.