Document Status Filters

The following table describes the status filters you can apply on the Documents tab.
Note: The table filter can apply to many document statuses.
Status Description
Displays all documents.
Displays documents that have a set expiration date prior to the current date, and currently expired documents.

You can filter the view in this table by setting a date range.

Clicking the Expiring Documents link in the AAction Items table on the Home page opens this sub tab.

If a document is expiring (or has expired), you can upload a new version of the document by opening the document details, scrolling to the Document Management section, and clicking . The system retains the document version history on the document details page.

Displays documents with the following statuses:
  • Completed
  • Submitted - pending validation by the MSP organization
  • Validated
  • Acknowledged
Displays documents that are pending action
Displays documents that have been rejected.