Download Invoice Document

You can download a generated invoice template for remittance. Your organization must have the functionality enabled to view and download invoice documents. If not, you can only view invoice details in the application.

  1. Navigate to the Home page in the Supplier view.
  2. Click Invoicing.
  3. Use the search functionality to locate the invoice.
  4. Click the blue invoice text to open the invoice details (General Information page).
  5. If a template is generated, a button appears on the information page.
  6. Click .
  7. On the popup, use the buttons to select from the following options:
    • Select PDF Type - Select the document type to preview or download. Only the documents types that you have configured (and have generated) display. You can only select one type of document at a time.
    • - Click to view the generated document.
    • - Downloads the document to your local downloads folder.
  8. The file is displayed or downloaded based on your selection in the previous step.