New Billing for Worker

As a supplier/vendor, you can submit billing on behalf of a worker associated with your organization. You can also add billing on behalf of another supplier/vendor organization to a client organization that you contract with.

You add billing for work completed, or expenses incurred directly tied to a requisition. Adjustments can also be added if a worker is missing hours, or incorrectly enters time on a timesheet. All information for the billing should be added to the billing configuration. Once rebilling is submitted, it is moved to a 'Pending' status. Approvals may be required based on the client organization's Approval Routing workflow configuration.

The types of billing that can be submitted is specified in your supplier organization's service type contract with the MSP organization. If you need to enter a particular billing type and cannot, contact your Program Representative.

It should be noted that workers, the service providers (MSP), or client managers can enter billing. You may not be required to add billing for engagements. You care required to have permission to add billing set on your user account as well.