Billing Item Detail

The following table describes the information displayed for a billing line item.
Note: You can access billing items in the 'Pending' status by clicking the number in the Pending Billing row on the Home page. You can also access billing items in the Billing List of an engagement (Requisition > Billing tab).
Area Field Description
Billing GenInfo Line# The individual line number for the billing item.
Inv# The invoice number, if the billing item is associated with an invoice.

You can also export billing items as report. For more information about this task, see Export Billing.

Alternate Supplier Inv # The alternate invoice number.
Supplier Inv# The original supplier invoice number.
Up Fee# The up fee invoice number.
Client Check# The client check number associated with the billing.
AP Check# The AP check number.
Comments Any text comments added to the billing item.
Type The category of billing for the billing item.
Earning E/D The earnings end date.
Status The status of the billing.
Billing Status Reason The given reason (system reason) for the status.
Down Fee Inv# The down fee invoice number.
Research Check box (selected) indicating that the billing item is marked for research (further investigation).
Billing Transfer (sub area) Transfer Queue Check box (selected) indicating that the billing item is in a transfer queue.

Transfer queues refer to the process of transferring the billing information to a back end system for tax calculation (if enabled) and financial recording.

Transferred Check box (selected) indicating that the billing item has completed the transfer process.
Errored Check box (selected) indicating that there was an error in the transfer process.
Pending Transfer Confirmation Check box (selected) indicating that the application is awaiting confirmation from an external system of receipt of the billing item.
Payment Queue Check box (selected) indicating that the billing item is in a payment queue.
Errored Reason If the transfer process errored for any reason, the system generated text describing the error.

This information is configured in the engagement financials. Configuration of financial information is completed by an MSP user.

Rate Application The rate application
Work Period The work period
Currency The currency for the engagement
Time Entry Interface The timecard defined for the engagement
OT Rule The overtime rule
Supplier FLSA Classification The Fair Labor Standards Act classification of the work performed in the engagement.
Billing Elements (sub area)

This area displays the amounts in each category defined for the billing item.

Regular Hours Any regular hours
OT Hours Any overtime hours
DT Hours Any double time hours
Holiday Hours Any holiday hours
Expenses Any expenses associated with the billing item. Expenses accrued by a worker must be confirmed before they are processed.
Adjustment Any adjustment amount
Pay Supplier The amount that is paid to the supplier (vendor).
Non Billable Check box (selected) indicating that the billing item is marked as non-billable to the client.
MSP Down Amount Any down amount paid the to the MSP organization managing the client organization's account.
Volume Discount Any volume discount, as defined on the engagement.
Prompt Pay Any prompt pay discount.
Tax Taxes generated and assigned to the billing item.

Taxes can be system generated, or if your user account has the correct permission, you can edit/modify taxes for billing items.

Billing Parameters (sub area) Table that displays the breakdown of amounts and values for the individual billing item.
Dates of Interest
Note: A blank field indicates that the billing item has not reached a point in the process to acquire a timestamp.
Date/Time Created Date and time that the billing item was added to the system.
Date/Time Exported Date and time that the billing item was exported. For more information about exportation, see Export Billing.
Date Client Posted
Date Status Pending If the billing item is in a 'Pending' status, the date and time that it was placed in that status.
Date Posted to Client GL The date and time that the billing item was posted to the client's general ledger.
Date Escalated The date that the billing item was escalated.
Date Invoiced The date and time that the billing time was added/consolidated to an invoice.
Date Client Paid The date and time that the client organization remitted payment for the billing item.
Date sent to PeopleSoft The date and time the billing item was sent to the PeopleSoft system for processing.
Operational Parameters Filter Billing Displays the user types and views in which the billing item is accessible. For example, if this field is set t o 'MSP : Supplier', then both the MSP and the vendor are able to view the billing details.
Detail List Time Card Details Displays the time card entries configured for the billing item. These details can be created by multiple different users.