This tab displays the worker's resume information.

Resume List

This section displays a list of all resumes submitted for the workers. To access the resume information, click the blue text in the list. You can also add a resume to the worker's account. For more information about adding a resume, see Add a Resume for a Worker.
Field Description
Title The title of the worker's resume. This value might be generated by the application.
Date/Time Created The timestamp when the resume record was created.
Supplier The supplier for the worker's resume. The same candidate can be submitted by different suppliers.
Duties Any of the worker's previous duties.
Skills Any of the worker's previous skills.
Attachments The worker's resume file, attached to the worker resume record.
Additional Information Additional information for the worker's specific resume submission. This information includes skills, and if the worker is marked 'DNU'. This setting only applies to worker's resumes within a specific MSP organization.

Additional Information

Field Description
Date Available The date that the worker is available.
Description of Services A description of the services offered by the worker. This field is free text.
Minimum Hourly Rate The worker's minimum hourly rate.
Skill Detail Any skills and years of experience with that skill.
Pitcher Candidate List A list of clients that the candidate was pitched to.
Location List Any locations associated with the worker.
Previous Employee of Client From the Client drop down select the name of the client organization that the worker was previously assigned to. Use the Dates of Employment drop downs to configure the date.