Complete BVA Questionnaire

Client organizations can choose to use a contractor compliance validation workflow to vet potential suppliers/vendors for projects. The system uses a business validation questionnaire (BVA) to gather information and details about a potential supplier.

The client might require that your supplier organization completes this questionnaire as part of the sourcing process. The questionnaire appears in the Business Validation section of the request. You can additionally be notified via a link that appears on your Home page.

Note: Answers are saved for your supplier organization in the system when you complete the BVA for the first time. Every time that you access a BVA, even for different projects that you are bidding on, the same answers automatically populate. You can modify any of the values and save them going forward. Saved answers populate on new questionnaires and so on.
  1. Navigate to the Home in the Supplier view.
  2. Navigate to the request or click the Respond Now link in the green notification field.
  3. On the General Info page, verify your organizational information.
    Note: You can advance each page by clicking .
  4. On the Overview page, review the required information to provide and ready any required documentation.
  5. On the Financial/Legal page, confirm your tax and business registration information.

    Additionally, provide your insurance information (if required), and attach any required documentation.

  6. On the Client Info page, add your company details in regard to the project.
  7. On the Relationship page, enter the names of the workers and the worker information that will be completing the work on the project.
  8. On the Signature page, verify the information in the questionnaire is correct and enter your name.

    The information is sent to the Magnit Score Desk for review. For more information about business validation, contact your Program Representative.