Confirm Financials

Once a request is filled, confirm the financial information on the engagement.

Financial information is input by the MSP assigned to the engagement. The worker cannot enter time or expenses until the MSP completes this information. By confirming the information, you agree with the information input by the MSP.

  1. Navigate to the Home page in the Supplier view.
  2. Click Requisition.
  3. Locate the filled request/engagement in the table, and click the blue engagement number text. You can also use the search functionality to locate the engagement.
  4. In the Financials section, review the details.
  5. In the Financials section (blue) header, click .
  6. In the Effective Date field, enter the effective date. The effective date must be the start date of the engagement. This date might be in the past or future.
  7. In the Justification field, enter text that describes the justification.
  8. Click .