Managed Services Requests

You can use the VMS application to track engagements that might not fit a client organization's core business spend. For example, auxiliary workers such as gardeners or custodians. Managed Services (headcount tracking) engagements are primarily used to track workers that are on site, but do not require financial information or billing.

Managed services engagements do not follow the request workflow as other request types do. When you add a worker (new or existing) to a request, the request is automatically converted to an engagement (Status='Filled'). If configured, the application still performs all configured approval routing and duplicate worker checks.

The client organization can add worker details (if the workers are known), or they can send the open request to you (the contracted vendor) to add the details. Once you receive the notification (email or through the application), you can access the request and fill in the worker details, including the worker's job titles. After the worker information is added, the request is filled (one engagement per worker).

Managed service workers do not enter time in the system, but you can set up details at the engagement level in order to create billing items (fees with the 'Adjustment' or 'Benefit' billing type). You can only add billing items for a managed services engagement at the engagement level. The Billing page only allows you to add billing items for a worker or a supplier.

For more information about billing, see Billing Page.