Set Up Interviews with Candidates

The MSP on the request or the hiring manager can set up interviews with submitted candidates. If the MSP sets up an interview, you need to confirm the details before the notification is sent to the candidate.
Note: This topic is only relevant to user accounts that have permission to set up requests (Vendor On Premises). If you do not have this permission, the MSP sets up the interview, and you confirm the interview details after. For more information about confirming details, see Confirm Interview.

When an interview request is configured, you can contact your worker, and confirm a proposed time. You can also withdraw a candidate for any reason for a pending interview.

  1. Navigate to the Home page in the Supplier view.
  2. Click Requisition.
    Note: If you are filling a new request, you can access new/open requests in the View section on the Home page. For more information about this section, see Home Page.
  3. Use the search functionality to locate the request to fill. For more information about the search feature, see Searching Through Requisitions.
    Note: To list all requests in all statuses for a client organization, do not configure any parameters and click .
  4. Click the blue request number in the Req# column for the request to fill.
  5. On the request page, click Interview.
  6. In the table, locate the candidate. You can use the First/Prev/<page_number>/Next/Last buttons to toggle the table view.
  7. Click .
  8. Review the interview details. You can edit the client manager contact information by clicking .
  9. Select an interview time by clicking the button with the appropriate times.

    If you need to configure a new interview time, click , and in the calendar, select the timespan, and then click . Both the MSP and the client manager are notified of the time.

  10. After you select a time, click .
  11. After confirmation, click . The candidate is notified by email. Alternately, you can complete the following actions in this section:
    • - Opens the scheduler calendar. You can also access this action from the candidates table (Interview tab).
    • - Cancels the interview. You can also access this action from the candidates table (Interview tab, then ).