Rejected Billing Report

This report produces information regarding all time adjustments, project items, and expense entries that are rejected by a client manager.
This report produces the following output columns:
  • Worker
  • Requisition #
  • Requisition Type
  • Manager
  • Location
  • Client
  • Line #
  • Day
  • Start
  • End
  • Hours
  • Lunch
  • Currency
  • Expenses
  • Worker Notes
  • Rejected Notes
  • Rejected By
  • Rejected Date/Time
  • Resolved
  • MSP
Filter Description
ClientFrom the drop down, select the client organization to filter results by.
WorkerEnter the name of the worker(s) whose data is included in the report. This field is set to 'All' by default.
Group By Select how to group the report output, by worker, by requisition, or no grouping (None). The default setting for this field is None.