Schedule a Report

You can automate report generation for customizable reports. Reports must be customized and saved before you can automate the generation process.

When reports complete, the last run report is accessed on the Reporting > My Reports tab. Click the report name (blue text) link in the Last Scheduled Run column to access the generated report.

Note: You can only schedule a maximum of 10 reports to run for a client organization.
  1. Navigate to the Home page in the Supplier view.
  2. Click Reports, and select the client organization to report on.
  3. Locate the report by using the search or selecting it from the My Reports or Report Library sections.
  4. Click .
  5. Configure the following schedule options, using the to navigate to the next section:
    • Export File Format - From the drop down, select the file format to be generated.
    • Select Recurrence Pattern - Using the radio buttons, select from the following:
      • Daily - If you select 'Daily', configure the report to run on a daily interval in number of days, or run every weekday.
      • Weekly - If you select 'Weekly', configure the report to run on a weekly interval in number of weeks, and what day of the week to run on.
      • Monthly - If you select 'Monthly', configure the report to run either on a specific date of the month and interval in number of months, or on coinsurance of the day and interval of the month in number of months.
      • Yearly - If you select 'Yearly', configure the report to run on an interval in number of years, on a date during that year
    • Select Run Report Time - Configure the exact time to run the report (time, timezone, and so on).
    • Select Range of Recurrence - Configure the start date for the scheduled task, and the end date for the task (no end date, end after a number of intervals, or on a specific date).
  6. Click .
    Note: When selecting and viewing the report, the task interval appears on the button .