Timecard Billing Detail Report

This report produces information regarding the Billing Detail Report.
This report produces the following output columns:
  • Variable - Section displayed for each unique billing item identifier in the report.
    • Billing Item ID
    • Day
    • Hours Worked
    • Lunch
    • Worker Notes
    • Rejected Notes
    • Status
    • Project Tracking
    • Date & Time Approved
    • Approved By
    • Supplier
    • Manager
    • Worker
    • Job Title
    • Requisition
    • Requisition Type
    • Department
    • Location
    • Currency
    • Bill Rate
    • Period End Date
    • Regular Hours
    • OT Hours
    • DT Hours
    • Holiday Hours
    • Milestones
    • Materials
    • Position
    • Expenses
    • Sales Tax
    • Adjustment
    • Total Bill
    • Summary Total
    • Grand Total
Filter Description
WorkerEnter the name of the worker(s) whose data is included in the report. This field is set to 'All' by default.
ClientFrom the drop down, select the client organization to filter results by.
Summarize byFrom the drop down, select how to summarize the output columns in the report.
Show Totals Select the check box to display summarized and non-summarized totals.